2016 Silicon Valley Mission

TiE Singapore GoGlobal is a program which provides select candidates the opportunity to go through an intensive training program in Singapore, and attend one of TiE’s Global Summits or Conferences held around the world.

These global conferences are a chance for members to showcase their ventures, and interact with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate and thought leaders from around the world.

TiE Singapore chapter initiated the TiE SV Mission 2016 (5-7 May) – a mission comprising of Singapore tech start-ups and individual delegates to participate in TiECon Silicon Valley to Santa Clara, Pal Alto, California, USA. TiECON, one of the flagship programs of TiE Silicon Valley, is one of the largest conferences worldwide for ideas and entrepreneurship alongside DEMO, TED and the World Economic Forum.

TiECON 2016 marked the 23rd year of celebrating innovation and breakthrough technology, making it one of the longest ongoing active tech conferences in the world. As an inaugural mission with IE Singapore, it was quite unique in many ways.

The main scope of the mission was to showcase the Singapore start-ups on a global platform in Silicon Valley. They were given the opportunity to:

  • Exhibit to the global mentors and investors
  • Attend the global tech conference
  • Participate in the Bootcamp
  • Pitch to investors

The aim of this mission was to give the start-ups the opportunity to interact with US company heads, investors, and mentors, and showcase their ideas and business models, under one roof. As such, the primary focus of this particular mission was not to generate sales leads.

We had specially formed a Singapore Alley. Which consisted of our 11 companies. This created an impact amongst the audience and all recognized the Singapore Delegation. It was the largest country contingent outside of Silicon Valley.













Along with the 11 companies, TiE Charter Members from Singapore had specially travelled for this conference. They had in turn opened up their extensive networks in the US to our delegates during the conference. These included head of companies and investors.

Some of the TiE Singapore Charter members who accompanied the delegation were:

  • Mr. Karan Singh Thakral: Executive Director Thakral Group of Companies.
  • Puneet Pushkarna: Partner Solmark and TiE Chairman
  • Rajeev Srivastava : Managing partner, Basil Capital Partners
  • Mahesh Kumar: Partner ,Whithers Worldwide
  • Adesh Goel: Head of Trustsphere
  • Jayesh Parekh: Partner, Jungle Ventures
  • Anselm Chu: SIM
  • Anand Govindaluri: Govin Capital
  • CJ Meadows: Head of Innovation, SP Jain.
  • Sidhi Dhir: Executive Director, TiE Singapore


The mission was a fruitful and enriching experience for the Singapore-based startups. For most of the participating companies, this was the very first opportunity to visit the Silicon Valley and interact with global technology professionals, business heads, and investors. Along with the Bootcamp winner Shopmatic Pte Ltd, two companies from our delegation – Innovation of Thingz Pte Ltd (SurePark) and Igloohome – were selected as part of the top TiE-50 companies, which only selects 50 companies globally from more than 1,000 registrants.

The Bootcamp was designed specifically for entrepreneurs, and covered a range of useful skills to help our delegates grow their businesses in the future. Overall the delegates suggested, there were plenty of opportunities to network with at the conference. A diverse group of individuals and think tanks, share knowledge, and showcase their ideas to investors.

Most of the eleven companies managed to make a mark for themselves, and were extensively interviewed by the press. Many of the companies managed to get investors interested in them, and are currently engaged in initial talks, for future funding opportunities.

To reiterate, the aim of this mission was not to generate sales, but to give Singapore based start-ups an opportunity to network with a global audience and showcase their ideas and businesses on a global platform. We are delighted to say that this mission has been a resounding success and it has been a pleasure to be helpful in getting these talented individuals more exposure and recognition on a global stage.