2018 Delhi-Bangalore Mission

Here’s a look at the ten startups which were a part of our delegation:

Active8me is an health & fitness app which comes with easy to follow weekly fitness programs designed by experts (including Olympians, exercise physiologists and personal trainers). These programs come with step-by-step plans and videos to follow. It also includes daily recommended meal plans, progress tracking tools, and weekly mindset lessons designed to challenge and shift the user’s thinking so they can break old habits.

Cutech Green Ventures provides effective and new technologies to solar energy solutions. Its services include integrating solar energy systems, providing water treatment solutions and solid waste management. It also promotes organic products through its eCommerce platform.

Marine Innovation provides innovative technological solutions to the Maritime Industry through its wide range of products and services offerings to the shipping companies’ globally. Marine Innovation offers navigation and communication solutions that aims to increase the efficiency of the shipping companies at different levels.

igloohome designs and creates smart locks which allow home/property owners grant access to visitors remotely via time-sensitive PINs and bluetooth keys. igloohome is a global partner of Airbnb & HomeAway, & has been featured on GQ, The Huffington Post, CNET, The Business Times, & more. igloohome locks have been sold over to 80 countries and counting.

Perx Technologies is a customer engagement and loyalty platform. It includes a Marketing Analytics module which acts as a real-time universal cockpit, allowing businesses to review and manage the performance of their loyalty programs, membership-tiers, rewards and merchants. It also harnesses big data and AI to create a Loyalty Management module which can build smart loyalty programs that recommends suitable rewards for particular customer segments. Furthermore, Perx’s Smart Campaigns use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to identify the precise audience segment that will best meet a marketer’s objective.

Salus Nanotechnologies offers innovative coating products for reduced maintenance and improved system performance. The coatings products developed by Salus are anti-staining, easy to clean, and anti-corrosive and are applicable to solar PV, automobiles, building glass, cooling systems, and other industrial applications.

SmartClean Technologies automates cleaning processes such that its IoT & AI systems cleanses itself before needing the intervention of a human cleaner. SmartClean’s Cleanliness Monitoring System provides real-time monitoring of toilet facilities via an array of sensors installed around the toilet. Using machine learning and AI technology, the collected data allows the AI to learn the usage patterns of the facility and based on this, propose manpower requirements, strategic downtimes and required inventories, to optimize its management and make dramatic time and cost savings, while improving the overall customer experience.

Time2Talk Global uses complex platform integration, biometrics, and manufacturing process management to provide a product mix which comprises of tablets, rugged handheld devices, and fixed mounted devices. These include Driver & Vehicle Identity Management Platforms, Mobile Identity Verification Terminals, and many more. 

VersaFleet digitalizes operational processes with TMS. It helps companies automatically plan and optimize driver routes, uses sign-on-glass technology and electronic proofs of delivery, and allows customers and businesses to receive notifications in real-time.

TrustSphere is a relationship analytics platform which ingests logs from Corporate Communication and collaboration systems, analyzes their data, and creates actionable insights by forming the enterprise’s ‘Social Graph’. The resulting insights enable organizations to provide smarter management over sales activities, increase efficiency in internal investigations, as well as develop their people. TrustSphere’s products include people analytics, sales analytics, and risk analytics.