2018 Mumbai Mission

TiE Singapore Mission is an annual program which provides select candidates the opportunity to go through an intensive training program in Singapore, and attend one of TiE’s global summits held around the world.

These global conferences are a chance for members to showcase their ventures, and interact with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate and thought leaders from around the world.

The TiE Singapore Delegation to the TiE Global Summit II (21-22 Feb 2018) is back from Mumbai after four action-packed days of workshops, conference, pitching sessions and networking with key investors and industry leaders. The delegates participated in workshops and bootcamps in Mumbai, which were specifically designed to give them an opportunity to learn about the various layers required to expand into India, along with networking opportunities with investors, corporate and thought leaders, and fellow members from the Indian and international community.

Here’s a look at the eight startups which were a part of our delegation. The companies spanned across SaaS, HR Technology, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Health and IoT verticals.

BigTapp is an award winning company that has an AI based Performance Marketing SaaS product that is capable of reaching targetted audiences at scale based on latent needs of consumers to increase the revenue of corporate organisations. The product is capable of identifying latent (unmet) needs of consumers in terms of intent, for e.g. intent to travel or buy a product, based on poly structured data. The data is from both transactions and interactions with interactions include internet based behaviour of consumers. Along with intent, we also identify other enumerating attributes like life events, relationships, sentiments, buzz and personal attributes like affluency.

Citta.ai democratizes health diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on identifying and diagnosis of abnormalities of heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation, and other severe arrhythmia, cardiac output and ejection fraction from single lead ECG and PPG wearable devices. Healthcare providers are able to use Citta’s SaaS based platforms to rollout their self-branded Cardiac, Diabetic or Remote Patient Monitoring solution within minutes; while home-care providers enable care-givers to assist patients in health screenings.

conneXRM is a subsidiary of Apar Technologies Pte Ltd focused towards creating an informed, relationship based, insightful & connected knowledge based economy for the stakeholders of the educational paradigm. With the mission to transform the ecosystem by understanding how Engagement and Collaboration in education can be achieved through Digital Convergence, we have developed an end to end Campus Management Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform. In a vertical with an industry estimated spend of more than $60 Billion per year, we are here to create a niche with a solution that has been featured in Marketing Guide 2017 by Gartner for Education!



SPAs, Tuition Centers, Sports Centers…
For managing their Customers – schedules/bookings, promotions and payments, these businesses use Emails/SMS/WhatsApp. Apart from the business cost / loss of productivity, the Customers are frustrated being ill-informed and not being in control. FRIDAY.LIFE is a plug and play platform that engages the Customer holistically with a Mobile App, while automating Booking/Scheduling. This dramatically reduces cost while improving productivity.

ICube Consortium Pte. Ltd. Singapore, are Human Capital Management experts that provide solutions to all things HR. Their uniqueness lies in their ability to blend technology with domain expertise to assess needs and provide solutions expertly and efficiently. With their tech enabled propriety HR capability, effectiveness and maturity assessment tools, and their soon to be launched HR marketplace and HR advisory app, they have changed the way HR solutions are being delivered. ICube Consortium is also present in India, Mauritius and Dubai.

igloohome designs and creates smart locks which allow home/property owners grant access to visitors remotely via time-sensitive PINs and bluetooth keys. igloohome is a global partner of Airbnb & HomeAway, & has been featured on GQ, The Huffington Post, CNET, The Business Times, & more. igloohome locks have been sold over to 80 countries and counting.

Companies lose control and influence when they distribute their products through other companies, especially in a multi-tiered distribution channel. The channel reps right at the final point of end-customer interaction are inadequately informed and overwhelmed by the clutter in a hyper-competitive environment. TeamStreamz enables companies to take control and drive preference for their brands throughout the channel. Using our sales enablement platform sales managers connect directly with all channel reps on their mobile devices delivering hyper-personalised information, tools and incentives boosting engagement, capability and performance. We have seen 10-30% growth in performance within the first 2 quarters of deployment with our customers.

Mobile app development companies spend lots of time and money to test their apps before release; however, the released apps still have many critical defects which put their reputation and revenue at risk. It is because they are mostly doing manual testing which is time-consuming and not scalable. Test1080 provides a cloud-based automated app testing service that can significantly improve the app quality in less time, at an affordable cost and requires no line of code. Spend your time and resources to develop great apps and leave the mundane and time-consuming testing work to our system for better results!

Their journey kicked off on 9th Feb 2018 with a group Pitch Training Session with Peter Browne, followed by 1-1 sessions with him before they left for Mumbai.

They also attended a workshop on Legal and Taxation Overview for the India Market conducted by experts from Withers Khattarwong.  Special thank you to Mahesh Kumar, Partner in the private client and tax team and also a TiE Singapore Charter member.

TiE Singapore has planned more sessions for these eight startups over the next few weeks here in SG –

  • – A workshop on Design Research methodologies
  • – Group & 1-1 Sessions with Peter Browne to further hone their pitches
  • – An exclusive TiE Angels session in March with Singapore based investors
  • – A Mentor-Mentee breakfast session in April to get feedback, knowledge, and expertise from a business leader in the ecosystem


More about these later!