TiE Singapore

Networking Galas

TiE’s impact in Singapore is tied to how well we integrate our influence as a non-profit body.

Through our programs, Emerge, TiE Stars and TiE Angels, we have continued to support the entrepreneur community through the pandemic.

There are many reasons to toast to our achievements and resilience over the last Covid-challenged year. Be it the impact of our Breathe for India Fundraiser, sharing joys from successes each one of us has had, or even to welcome our newest Charter Members who have not had a chance to experience a physical TIE event.

With the fast-paced change that sweeps all of us, we see our networking galas as a great opportunity to celebrate our togetherness as a purpose-driven community.

It’s an opportune moment to meet, network and better understand each other so we can better complement our strengths to create greater shared value for the benefit of those we look after.

We will always find ways to keep connected and network as a community; whether it is 5-people/8-people or no rule, we will make the most of it.

Here’s a sneak peek into our Charter Member networking events and dinners.

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