Charter Members

TiE Charter Members (CMs) are high profile entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders from diverse industries. There are 2,500 Charter members in the TiE ecosystem. TiE CMs are dedicated to the mission of TiE, and the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. They believe in the merits of capitalism, and the need to assist other entrepreneurs in the community.

CMs also benefit by learning from, and networking with each other. They enjoy complementary invitations to some of the most prestigious entrepreneurship conferences and events around the world such as TiEcon, TiE Entrepreneurial Summit, SmashUp, TiE ISB Connect, among others. Charter members benefit by networking with each other and derive satisfaction by helping budding entrepreneurs. They also get opportunities to participate in start-ups in many ways. CMs have the opportunity to participate in monthly events as speakers and/or panel members.

As the driving force of TiE Chapters, CMs lead by example - inspiring entrepreneurs with their stories; funding new ventures in the community and providing startups with the right connections. CMs serve as mentors to budding entrepreneurs, and learn from younger entrepeneurs in the process. Charter Membership is by invitation only, and subject to a due process prescribed in the TiE bylaws. Charter Members pay higher annual dues than members, helping to underwrite TiE operations.