TiE Angels

TiE Angels brings promising early stage companies and various investors together to allow them to collaborate on expansion.

Mentor-Mentee Program

The Mentor Mentee Program  is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get feedback, knowledge, and expertise from a business leader in the ecosystem who has the relevant experience and domain knowledge in the area in which mentoring is sought.

Candid Conversations

Candid Conversations is a series in which speakers from within and beyond the TiE community share their journeys, insights and experiences with you.

TiE SG GoGlobal

TiE SG GoGlobal is an opportunity for select local startups to participate in local workshops as well as in one of TiE’s annual global conferences or premier conferences around the world.

TiE Academy

TiE Academy Singapore is a series of workshops for entrepreneurs to expand their thinking and experiences. Topics are varied, giving entrepreneurs multiple opportunities to challenge their thinking.

The Clinic

The Clinic is a program which gives entrepreneurs a platform to have a one-on-one discussion with experts on a wide range of topics like legal, Government grants, Human Capital Management etc.