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TiE Stars is a unique program where entrepreneurs receive access to mentors, direct coaching, visibility, and the robust TiE network to accelerate the most promising innovations and enhance access to funding. The program is free for all accepted start-ups, and helps applicants to prepare for the next steps in their journey, whether growth, expansion, or investment funding. TiE Stars is open to start-ups in all industries, and at all stages of maturity, from seed to pre-iPO. Curated cohorts of start-ups present their businesses and specific business challenges to a group of distinguished TiE Singapore members, who are all senior leaders in the business ecosystem, and receive specific mentoring and assistance in line with their needs.

The applications for TiE Stars are currently assessed on a rolling basis. Shortlisted startups are matched to Lead Mentors (from TiE’s Charter Member base) who will do 1-1 sessions for a period of 2-3 months. Objectives are discussed and capability gaps are worked on together. Lead Mentors will also identify other Charter Members or experts outside of TiE to help contribute to the startup’s needs.

Besides the 1-1 sessions, promising startups in the TiE Stars program will be offered a chance to present their company and their “wishes” at a TiE Stars Showcase targeted  at the wider TiE community to spread awareness and to support in various forms (connections, capital, capability, further coaching.) The TiE Stars Showcase is expected to be of a regular cadence of every 2-3 months, but it depends on the quality of startups that come through.

Criteria for application:
1. Have promising technology and some IP value
2. Cross sector – Fintech, Healthtech, Alternate food/ proteins, New energy solutions, EduTech, anything that is ESG-dependent
3. Founders can’t be doing this in stealth mode. Can’t be a hobby, has to be dedicated and ideally with proof of market feasibility.
4. Open to all stages but the ones who seem to get most benefit from this programme are pre-seed to Series B in nature.
To apply for TiE Stars, email : [email protected] / [email protected]

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